How To Setup A Social Media Strategy For Franchises

Figuring out a social media policy for corporately owned units can be a daunting task. It can seem like an insurmontable task when factoring in how to incorporate franchisees into fold. Read on to learn four different ways to structure your social media policies for franchises.

Profitable Food Franchises: Invest In a Subway – or get in on the Ground Floor with an Emerging Growth Brand?

Where to invest your food franchise dollars -- with a Mature Brand, or an Emerging, High Growth Brand? Fransmart's Paul Tran shares insights that have enlightened many investors seeking profitable franchises, debunked widely accepted franchising myths, and reminded best-in-class food operators why they were originally successful. Paul is a successful franchise development professional, and multi-unit restaurant franchisee. His most recent franchise investment has been with The Halal Guys.

Common Sense Makes Good Sense When Evaluating a Franchise

Buying a franchise business has become one of the most common vehicles to achieving the American dream.  No question franchising works but how does one go about making sense of all this?  Let’s take a stab at making it easier for you by suggesting we first take a look at where consumers are spending their money.